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Projects that make an impact

Telling it like it is makes an impact.

It’s how we keep you informed. How we raise awareness of the right way to sort materials. How we intend to move the needle. That’s what motivates us to pursue new projects.

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What happens when you put something in the blue bin without checking that it actually goes there? Our first national awareness campaign answers that question. Find out how simple things you do at home can have a big impact on the curbside recycling system. And why only containers, packaging and printed paper go in the bin. That’s it.

There’s nothing wrong with putting a drill in your blue bin—right?

The short answer is no. The long answer is . . . explosive.

Watch the ad (in French only)

A garden hose is a slippery customer

It’s easy for all those coils to get tangled up. Especially in the machines at a sorting centre.

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Guess My Bin with Math Duff

Comedian Mathieu Dufour isn’t afraid to admit that he’s a big fan of curbside recycling. In this three-part game show–style video series, he puts his knowledge of materials recovery and psychology to the test as he tries to match three recycling bins to their owners. Stay tuned . . .

Video 1: An unwelcome surprise

Mathieu finds a troubling item in the first bin he examines. He makes his first guess.

Watch the video (in French only)

Video 2: Birthday bin

The second bin leaves Mathieu questioning its owner’s sense of taste. Who still sends singing birthday cards?

Watch the video (in French only)

Video 3: One last chance

Mathieu braves remnants of poutine and pickle juice in the final bin before delivering his verdict. Can he correctly guess the owner of each bin?

Watch the video (in French only)

What goes in the blue bin?

Containers, packaging and printed paper.
That’s it.

See what goes in the bin

Does my bin really have an impact?

The things you put in your bin can have a big impact. Properly sorting materials is important for our curbside recycling system.

See how your bin has an impact