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Together, let’s do the right thing when sorting

Let’s make sure our bin has a positive impact

Bin Impact is there to educate people on the right way to sort materials, and to raise awareness on the impact of what we put in the bin. When improving the content of your bin, it generates a positive impact on the curbside recycling system. If everyone does their bit, Quebec society as a whole wins.

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Awareness campaign

Bin Impact promote the proper way to sort at home. We launched our first major Quebec awareness campaign. As we demonstrated in our ad, what you put in the bin has an impact. Only containers, packaging, and printed paper should go in the recycling bin. That’s it.

View ad on security (French only)
View ad on equipement breakdown (French only)

Doing one’s part starts at home

What we call “recycling” is actually recovery. That means filling your bin with containers, packaging and printed papers. Nothing else. That way, we send the right material to the sorting centre without any hassle.

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Why is proper recovery so important?

It might seem trivial, but properly sorting materials before putting them in the bin means taking part in the circular economy. It’s a conscious gesture that helps the curbside recycling system run smoothly.

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